Loosweb Homepage auf Deutsch
Loosweb Homepage auf Deutsch


...to the private homepage of Robert Loos.

Here you can find information about my first public project, the


a homeserver-daemon for the european installation bus (KNX/EIB).

I built a house with eib inside in 2003 and programmed a daemon for visualization and control which has reached a state it might be useful for others now. If you also have an eib installation and would like to make more of it, you are invited to try rleibd.

rleibd currently runs stable on my homeserver based on opensuse 10.2 and probably will on other linuxes as well.
Just download the package and follow the hints you will find in the doc directory.
If you have special information on how to compile/use it on any other linux, please email me.

Meanwhile, some other projects have been added, namely


All artwork on this site has been created with Ink­scape.

Dimensional drawings have been created with Libre­Cad.

Both programs are quite good, partly simply genious but still have teething trouble.

Pictures and photos have been partially postprocessed with Irfan View. This is an incredible slim and powerfull tool, I'm a total fan of it. It has the best straighten out function I know, lossless JPEG rotation etc. Please support this tool if you use it for your business.

The partly surreal depth of field of the photos has been created by CombineZP from several images, partly without a micrometric positioning sliding plate what takes a lot of susceptibility when focussing but it is manageable! Meanwhile I have a Manfrotto 454 wich makes stacking photos much more easy. Costing about $100.- it is quite affordable and offfers a quite good quality.

I can only encourage you to support these projects.

The soft­ware for the ATMega-controllers has been written in ATStudio 6.2. This is an excellent IDE, especially the simu­lator can simulate almost the entire circuit (Usarts are very difficult to simulate) without real hardware, including time measurements of subroutines etc.
I did not try version 7 since it requires a newer version of Win­dows !
Up to now there is no reason to update three development PCs and laptops to Windows 7 or higher. This would lead to extra trouble and extra costs without any obvious advantage.

Indeed, I tried version 7 working on my scale project. It showed no noticeable advantage except a newer toolchain.

So I will continue to use 6.2, perhaps looking at the newer versions from time to time but it will require something great to happen for me to accept the necessary updates. Just for fun or just to keep the thing up to date is not sufficient.

Note: the German version of my homepage may be more up-to-date and may contain more information than the English version. If you understand German language I invite you to test it (click on Loosweb Homepage auf Deutsch or something similar on any of the other pages, right on top of this page). There may be links in the menu carrying the german flag German Flag wich will take you to a page in german language. If you find something valuable you do not understand, just drop me an email and I'll translate it as soon as possible.

Note also: English is not my native language. If you find something that could be told in a more natural way, I would appreciate if you would send me a note.
I've learned English language at school and by reading datasheets :-) and, of course, by reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Therefore, I would not panic. But from time to time I feel somewhat depressed :-).

Hint for using this Site

Some of the pictures on this site show a zoom effect when hovering (moving the mouse over the picture). These are links, leading either to an enlarged version or to supplementing information.

Pictures wich don't are just there. Sometimes such are also necessary...

Especially on cheep mobile device, hovering is not possible. You'll simply have to try. E.g. on Android devices, you have to enable Air View to get the effect by moving your finger some centimeters above the image.

Robert Loos PortraitContact information:

Robert Loos
Dreihöhenstr. 13a
90571 Schwaig
email: robert.loos@loosweb.de
ICBM: 49.4694, 11.20395

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