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News-Seite auf Deutsch


On this page I would like to inform you about new or changed articles on my homepage. May be there are changes I do not publish on this page since I do not want to bore with minor corrections. Important changes normally will be published here.

End of the RSS Feed

My RSS feed will no longer be updated. Consequently I removed the link to the feed from my menu. 2019-01-12

Digital Scale

I wanted to play with load cells and ended up with a digital scale, here a kitchen scale but useful also for different tasks up to 10kg.

Responsive Website

Better late than never I thought about how to give a better presentation of my website to users of mobile devices. I tested it on several browsers and on my Galaxy S3 and it seems usable. Unfortunately under my friends there is indeed noone who owns an I-Phone and I just hope it works on these, too. If you have one and it does not, feel free to send me an email.

New Menu and a new Project

For various reasons nothing new happened on my homepage. I put a few electronic calculators online I wrote and used during my development work and I introduced a new menue. I spent quite a lot of time adding multi-line menu entries in vain so I decided to switch from the javascript menu to a CSS based version which seems to be much more adequate to my needs. If you experience troubles displaying the new menu, do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope to publish a new project in the near future, an ultrasonic level meter for stormwater cisterns. I is almost complete but for other reasons I can't find the time to do the final polish.

It will be published on the german part of this site only for now, at least until it reaches a stable state.