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Eib-Dämon-Seite auf Deutsch


a homeserver demon for the European Installation Bus (EIB/KNX)

rleibd runs as a demon on a linux-server connected to the EIB/KNX-bus via a BCU1-type buscoupler using the PEI16-protocol.
That means nearly every BCU (Bus Coupling Unit) can be used since BCU2's normally also speak the elder PEI16 protocol.
The server does not need to have lots of performance. In my house, an embedded PC based on a 233MHz National Geode processor and a notebook harddisk works fine and operates from a wall-plug power supply consuming only 3-4 watts when the hard drive is sleeping (thanks to laptop-mode tools).

All the sources are provided under the license of GPL and you may use it freely on an unlimited number of machines, at home or in business, and you may modify and redistribute it as long as you keep my copyright notice.
If you have suggestions or extensions feel free to send them to me. If my time allows, I will include them in my next release.



External events (triggers)





Special thanks to Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kastner and his team from TU-Wien who developed and published the EIB kernel driver. Without it my work would have been impossible.


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